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Snyder Launches New App To Promote & Simplify RPV Convention Process

Virginia job creator and conservative Lieutenant Governor candidate Pete Snyder today launched an innovative new app that puts the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) nominating convention process at Virginians’ fingertips.

The app — “I’m In” — is available at It works on mobile devices and connects users with their social networks via Facebook and Twitter.

To build the app, the Pete’ 13 team painstakingly assembled all available convention-related delegate filing information for each of Virginia’s 134 counties and localities, and will continue to update that information in real-time to provide Virginians with everything they need to navigate the process of becoming a delegate to the RPV nominating convention on May 18th.

“I’m In” is the only real-time, one-stop shop for all convention-related delegate filing information for all of Virginia’s 134 counties and localities.

Click here or on the screenshot below to explore Pete’s new app, “I’m In.”

Virginia has a wonderful convention tradition, but as we’ve campaigned throughout the Commonwealth, we’ve found that many folks don’t know exactly how to get involved and be part of it. Pete’s a problem-solver, and the ‘I’m In’ app is his innovative way of putting that information at Virginians’ fingertips to help our fellow conservatives take part in this amazing process,” said Snyder Communications Director Chris Bond. Pete’s not a political insider, he’s a tech entrepreneur and innovator who believes in tackling problems with Big Ideas and bold solutions—and this new app is just the latest way in which Pete is shaking up politics-as-usual to help grow and strengthen our party.

Notably, Snyder continues to make headlines for his innovative campaigning, including last week, when he marked Valentine’s Day with “Operation Love” — a blitz of grassroots mobilization, accompanied by a new web ad and online advertising campaign.

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