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Pete Snyder Launches “Operation Love”

Virginia job-creator and conservative Lieutenant Governor candidate Pete Snyder is celebrating Valentine’s Day by launching “Operation Love” — a blitz of grassroots mobilization, accompanied by a new web video and online advertising campaign.

As the Virginian-Pilot reports…

On Valentine’s Day, Pete Snyder is trying to kill them with kindness (and extra calories, too). The Republican lieutenant governor candidate launched what his campaign is calling “Operation Love” to mark the romantic holiday and his staff is hand-delivering customized greetings and chocolates to hundreds of conservative activists in Virginia. Snyder’s recipient list includes people who have committed to him as delegates for the Virginia GOP nominating convention in May as well as supporters of the six other party candidates for lieutenant governor… Supporters of those candidates will get a note from Snyder along with their candy. “I met my wife Burson when she was on a date with another guy . . . So if you have love in your heart for someone else right now, that’s just fine by me — get to know me, I will work hard to win you over! Happy Valentine’s Day, xoxo, Pete.”

As the Virginian-Pilot also notes, “In addition to the holiday greeting, Snyder released an accompanying Web video (see below) with a dating game motif that features recycled clips of men with bushy moustaches and feathered hair seeking companionship.” The video will be promoted by an aggressive online marketing campaign.

Click Here Or On The Screenshot Below To Watch Pete’s New Video, “Operation Love”

This is a bottom-up, grassroots campaign, and ‘Operation Love’ is our way of sending out some love not only to our great Pete ’13 grassroots supporters, but also to our fellow Republican Lieutenant Governor candidates and their supporters as well,” said Snyder. “We’re all conservatives, and we’ve got to be united coming out of the convention on May 18th. So we’re sending a message to folks who might be supporting another candidate I’m an outsider and a new face to politics, but I want your support, and I’m going to work hard to win you over.

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