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Front Page May 9, 2013

Snyder Endorsed By Rockingham County & Harrisonburg Conservative Leaders

A note from Mike Meredith:

With the convention fast approaching, I wanted to reach and let you know about a man I got to know about two years ago. I met Pete Snyder in a business get together. Not knowing at the time that he might run for Lt. Governor, I was impressed with his forward thinking, especially as it related to conservative political thinking. We had a great conversation and became friends, staying in touch from time-to-time. He was chosen last year to be the “fund raiser in chief,” responsible for the Virginia Victory effort for Mitt Romney. He did a remarkable job surpassing his fund raising goal.

When Pete called me to let me know he was interested in possible pursuing the nomination for Lt. Governor, I was excited. I encouraged it.

Pete is different. He brings a younger, vibrant hi-tech appeal to the statewide team. Something we’ve severely lacked in past campaigns. Read More

Front Page May 8, 2013

A Video Message From Mike Farris

Why is Mike Farris excited to support Pete at the RPV Convention? “The founding fathers wanted citizen-leaders to govern our Constitutional Republic. They believed that people like me, who’ve never held political office, were more likely to believe in limited government. They wanted citizens with real-world experience, who look at public service as a duty and a responsibility to serve—not as a career. And that’s exactly what we have in conservative businessman Pete Snyder.” Read More

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