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Mike Farris Endorses Pete Snyder For Lt. Governor

With fewer than 60 days remaining until the Republican nominating convention on May 18th, entrepreneur, job-creator and conservative Lieutenant Governor candidate Pete Snyder announced a major endorsement today by Mike Farris, a prominent conservative activist and the Chancellor of Patrick Henry College.

Farris, who ran alongside Governor George Allen as the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 1993, is a well-known constitutional lawyer and advocate for conservative causes like homeschooling and religious freedom. He founded the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), and is the founder and Chancellor of Patrick Henry College, a private, Christian college located in in Purcellville.

“I’m very excited to endorse Pete Snyder for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 2013,” said Farris. “Pete has the kind of convictions, values, work ethic, and experience that I believe this Commonwealth needs, not just to win an election, but to serve with distinction in the office of Lieutenant Governor. Pete is pro-life, he’s pro-Second Amendment, he’s pro-Constitution, he’s pro-family, and he understands that the way we grow jobs and businesses in Virginia is not by more government programs, but by having freedom for people to create businesses and create jobs. I encourage you to come out to the Republican Convention to vote for Pete Snyder for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.”

“From his work as a constitutional lawyer and advocate for home-schooling and religious liberty, to his legacy as the Founder and Chancellor of Patrick Henry College, Mike Farris is a both a national leader and conservative legend,” said Snyder. “Mike inspired a generation of conservatives in Virginia with his outsider campaign that shook up the political status quo. I’m honored and humbled by Mike’s enthusiastic endorsement of this reform-minded outsider and the hard work he’s doing on behalf of our ideas-driven campaign.”

As he continues to build momentum heading into the Republican convention, Snyder has also earned the endorsements of 9th District GOP Chairman Jack Morgan; 9th District GOP State Central Committee Rep. and Montgomery County GOP Chair Marcy Hernick; Southwest Virginia Delegate Israel O’Quinn (R-5); Salem City Republican Committee Chairman Kjersten Croke; Grayson County GOP Chairman James Wagoner; tie-making State Senator Bryce Reeves (R-17); education reform expert and Arlington County GOP Chairman Charles Hokanson; Rockingham & Harrisonburg Clerk Of Court Chaz Evans-Haywood; 2012 8th District GOP U.S. House nominee Col. Patrick Murray, 8th District GOP Chairman Mike Ginsberg; 2012 3rd District GOP U.S. House nominee Dean Longo; Northampton County GOP Chairman John Salm; conservative icon Lt. Col. Oliver North; and national conservative grassroots powerhouse Ending Spending, among others.

Snyder — a technology entrepreneur and committed pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Second Amendment conservative who has spent nearly 20 years in the conservative movement — continues to make headlines with his innovative campaign as he battles career politicians in Richmond over critical issues like taxes and spending.

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