Searching for answers about the let’s-make-a-deal-style business antics of liberal Washington Insider-turned Virginia Gubernatorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe?

So are many Virginia voters — and dozens of reporters. We know it’s not easy… As NBC reports, “Greentech Automotive (GTA)… has quickly become one of the Democratic nominee’s biggest problems.” Today, McAuliffe is trying his best to rewrite history and scrub himself from his failing company. So as the Virginia press and public search for answers…

Social media pioneer and real-world Virginia job-creator Pete Snyder put together a handy guide on “How To Navigate a Simple Google Search on Terry McAuliffe and GreenTech Automotive.” Oddly enough — it’s quite complicated:

1) Where is GreenTech Automotive?

While McAuliffe still styles himself as a “Virginia businessman,” a simple Google search reveals that the company’s own website calls “Horn Lake, Mississippi” its home

Don’t take our word for it — see it right here:

Yet, scroll down a bit and you’ll find a McLean, Virginia address for GreenTech. Is this the address from which Terry shipped jobs out of Virginia? See here:

2) Is Terry Behind the Wheel of GreenTech?

Terry’s conflicting stories are kind of strange — given that he has made “Putting Jobs First” his campaign’s marketing slogan and has seemed to base his entire campaign on his “experience” as an “entrepreneur”…

As the New York Times reported, GreenTech was supposed to be “the vehicle, so to speak, for McAuliffe to escape his lane as a political rainmaker, carnival barker and Clinton appendage and reposition himself as ‘a Virginia businessman fighting for Democratic causes and creating jobs,’ as his Web site says.”

But now, under the slightest scrutiny from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, conservative businessman Pete Snyder, the press and Virginia voters, Terry McAuliffe is suddenly “scrubbing” his story.  Terry now says he quietly left his post as Chairman of GreenTech back in 2012.  More so, GreenTech has stripped McAuliffe’s bio from their website, but Terry’s name still comes up front-and-center when you conduct a simple Google search for him and GreenTech. See right here:

Not only that — the typically loquacious McAuliffe isn’t talking. He won’t even give a straight answer about whether he’s been driving GreenTech or not… The Washington Post reports: “Numerous media reports — including in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and the Associated Press — have referred to McAuliffe as chairman since he resigned the post. Asked why the campaign had not sought to correct those stories, [McAuliffe’s spokesman] did not directly address the question.”

3) Where Are All the Cars?

No search engine can answer this question because McAuliffe apparently refuses to answer it…

Watchdog reports that GreenTech “has not specified how many vehicles it has actually built or sold.”

And a business journalist noted that GreenTech’s assembly line contained just six cars when he visited: “GTA initially pledged to hire thousands workers who would be assembling tens of thousands of vehicles by the end of 2012. None of those projections has come close to fruition.  ‘They talk of a big assembly line. They had six cars,’ noted Michael Sheffield, a Memphis Business Journal reporter who visited GreenTech’s temporary facility in Horn Lake, Miss., 15 miles north of Tunica.”

As Bearing Drift notes, McAuliffe “seems to have produced few cars or jobs.”

4) More Importantly, Where Are All the Jobs?

Unfortunately, not in Virginia… Despite running as a self-styled “Virginia businessman,” McAuliffe sent GreenTech’s manufacturing jobs — what few there are — to Mississippi instead of creating them here in Virginia. Fact-checker PolitiFact took a close look at McAuliffe’s explanation of why he decided “to locate the manufacturing plant of the electric car company he bought in 2009 (GreenTech) in Mississippi instead of Virginia” (Terry claimed that Virginia just wasn’t interested in those jobs) and they found his statements to be FALSE.

Here are some of the news results that pop up via Google:

5) Why Is This All So Complicated?

Frankly we don’t know — and neither does Google (we checked, but the search engine seems to be stumped). It seems only Terry can answer that one…

Between his ever-changing stories, Washington double-speak, and his Big-Talk-No-Results record when it comes to creating Virginia jobs — it’s no wonder even the New York Times and the Washington Post both call Terry McAuliffe a “carnival barker” (their words — not ours).

As Virginia voters and the news media continue to search for the real story on Terry McAuliffe and GreenTech Automotive, Pete Snyder, a real, up-by-his-own-bootstraps entrepreneur and proven job-creator, continues his search for the facts — even looking through the fields of Virginia, searching for all the jobs Terry never delivered on:

So enjoy your handy Google Search Tips from a social media pioneer — we only wish they were more helpful. It seems both GreenTech and Google are stumped… We all know it’s more complicated than it should be thanks to Terry’s refusal to be forthcoming with the facts. But keep searching, and hopefully we’ll get some real answers — sooner, rather than later…


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