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Our Founding Fathers were entrepreneurs. They risked life and limb in hopes for a better life in America where they could enjoy both economic and religious freedom. Virginia entrepreneurs with their ideas, energy, and fight helped to create the greatest and most successful start-up in the history of the world, the United States of America.

That is our legacy — and defending it is a great honor ­­– but also, as Virginians, it is a great responsibility.

In 2013, we have the opportunity to continue our Founding Fathers' work and show the world how self-government really works. Yes, that's right, Virginia, the entire country and the world will be watching us in 2013.

This spring we have the opportunity to make the 2013 Virginia Convention the largest political gathering in the history of the Western Hemisphere. We have the chance to show the rest of the country that in Virginia we will fight to protect life and liberty. We will pursue a better, more innovative education system against ever-expanding federal and state governments with their run-away spending.

The beautiful thing about the convention process is that it is an up close and personal, get to know you in your kitchen, real grassroots experience. Unfiltered by the media and a parade of political consultants, all the candidates will need to connect with you to share ideas on how to return to the founding principles of our Commonwealth. And Pete can’t wait to share his vision with you.

So, just as he has over the past year in his efforts to help our entire Republican ticket, Pete’s going to be traveling to every nook and cranny of our beloved Commonwealth. While he'd love your support as a Delegate today (SIGN UP below) --- it took his wife Burson a few dates before she agreed to get tied down to Pete. That was just fine by him. Get to know Pete over the days and weeks ahead --- we know he'll work hard to earn the right to your support as a Delegate from your county’s or city’s Mass Meeting - to the 2013 Republican Convention in Richmond on Saturday, May 18th.

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